The Coolest Colors for Summer: Transform Your Home with an Ice Cream Palette

As the summer sun begins to shine over the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home with cool pastels. Embrace the season with an ice cream-inspired color palette that brings a refreshing, light-hearted vibe to any room. Here’s how you can do it, step-by-step.

Step 1: Choose Your Palette

Think of your favorite ice cream flavors. Soft pastels like mint green, pale pink, creamy vanilla, and cool lavender are perfect choices. These hues evoke a sense of calm and coolness, ideal for the warm summer months.

Step 2: Choose the Right Colors for Each Room

Different rooms benefit from different colors. In the kitchen, a mint green can invigorate the space, making it feel fresh and lively. For bedrooms, soft lavender or pale pink creates a soothing, tranquil environment perfect for relaxation. The living room, a central hub of the home, can shine with creamy vanilla, offering a warm, inviting ambiance. Bathrooms benefit from light, airy colors like pale blue, reminiscent of a refreshing scoop of sorbet, creating a clean and serene atmosphere.

Step 3: Prepare Your Space

Before you start painting, ensure your room is prepped. Move furniture, cover floors with drop cloths, and tape off areas like trim and ceilings. A clean, dust-free surface is essential for a smooth finish.

Step 4: Select High-Quality Paint

For a professional-looking job, choose high-quality paint such as Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Interior Paint for its durability and rich, consistent color. For eco-conscious homeowners, Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex is an excellent low-VOC option.

Step 5: Apply a Primer

Applying a primer is crucial, especially when using light colors over darker walls. Sherwin- Williams have many versatile choices that work on various surfaces, ensuring your colors will pop.

Step 6: Paint Your Walls

Begin with a roller for larger areas and switch to a brush for edges and corners. Apply two coats for an even finish, allowing the paint to dry completely between coats. For the best results, follow the manufacturer’s drying times.

Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

Once your walls are dry, remove the painter’s tape and drop cloths. Re-arrange your furniture and add decor that complements your new color scheme. Think of accessories in coordinating shades to complete the look.

Call the Experts

While a DIY project can be fun, nothing beats the precision and expertise of professional painters. At KC Pro Painting, we ensure flawless execution and stunning results that will leave your home looking its best this Summer. Save yourself time and stress—visit today to get a quote and let us bring your ice cream color dreams to life.

Transform your space with the coolest colors for summer, and enjoy a home that feels as refreshing as your favorite scoop!